Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan

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Places: Asia , Japan , Ukraine. Herbert P. Onitsuka Hiroshi kindly furnished key sources. A politically recovered, economically restored Japanese populace still appreciates the Constitution and the relevance of Article 9. Today, once again, Article 9 stands in danger of abandonment by interpretation rather than revision by constitutional processes. The more progressive majority, by contrast, has a generally positive attitude toward Article 9. They understand that pacifism constitutes a support for democracy and a great advance for humankind.

They have never departed from upholding it. It traces back to the reform phase of the occupation era when U. Although constitutional revision has been a principle goal of the LDP ever since its establishment in —the decade when the CIA began weakening left-wing forces and bolstering the conservatives—no previous regime has been as determined as his to pursue it.

In the autumn and winter of , a triumphalist United States expanded its sphere of geopolitical control with a view to consolidating a gigantic Asian-Pacific empire in the form of military bases and forward-positioned ships, planes, and troops. Now, once again, imperial America feels challenged in Asia and is working with its main ally Japan to cope with the situation.

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Why is he willing to risk involving Japan in armed conflicts even if huge sections of the public are strongly opposed? Does North Korea, which is weak, isolated, demonized, and nuclear-armed, pose a mortal danger? Perhaps joining in unwavering support of U. In that case the questions become: Is there a path for Japan to follow in dealing with China, North Korea, and the United States that does not involve the threat of force and is more beneficial to humanity than the one Japan is on?

The University of Tokyo Global Japan Studies Summer Program (Partially Funded) • مرجع | MARJ3

Does popular, uncritical acceptance of the Security Treaty block this path? Last, we cannot set aside the reality of climate change, which brings the struggles of all peoples living in Pacific islands and along continental coasts closer together on a wide range of issues. These issues center on the harmful effects of corporate capitalism and neoliberal reforms.

They have reshaped conservative politics, contributed to the growth of poverty, and in numerous other ways worsened the quality of life for the poor and middle classes even in technologically advanced countries. In the watershed decade of the s, when many people throughout the world imagined the Cold War to have ended, American liberalism seemed triumphant. Under U. Devised and enforced chiefly by the United States and United Kingdom, the sanctions led to the death—from malnutrition, disease, and lack of medicine—of a huge number of Iraqi children and youths.

The United States and Asia

A decade later al-Qaeda terrorists attacked on United States soil as payback for U. American rage ignited. Instead, at U. The troops arrived in southern Iraq in January in the midst of the Sunni uprising against the American crusaders. They withdrew two years later having accomplished little. Earlier, Japan had contributed to UN overseas humanitarian aid and reconstruction missions in a period when China and South Korea were doing the same. When the hawkish Abe took the helm for the first time in September , his foreign policy gave the impression of a more abject submission to U.

Then in summer came an interregnum. A divided opposition, long incumbency, an unlevel playing field, and an unprecedentedly low turnout by Japanese standards accounted for the LDP victory. The Philippines and Vietnam both assert sovereignty over these rocks and shoals, and the United States and Japan support their claims. Now that China has belatedly asserted its determination to project power in part of the South China Sea so as not to be placed in an inferior position by the stronger navies of the United States and Japan, Washington and Tokyo have become alarmed.

These maritime disputes vividly display the economic rivalry of nations and the emotions aroused by nationalism. Now, the United States and Japan fear China is unilaterally altering this status quo and carving out its own zone of influence as its power grows. Given these strategic views, the Abe administration and its coalition partner, Komeito, resolved to encourage heightened Japanese nationalism. When there was little need for them to strengthen the state secrets protection system, they did it anyway, thereby curtailing the freedom of speech and publication of citizens and the mainstream press alike.

More recently, Abe accepted a set of provocative U.

The new guidelines anticipate a future in which, during a major confrontation, Japanese military forces would be assisting Americans operating in the Korean peninsula and joining with them to control busy shipping lanes and straits in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, the licensing agreements and joint ventures with American defense contractors that Japanese corporations had established during the s increased over time, as did Pentagon grants to Japanese universities for research with military objectives.

In due time it may try to do so because China is already producing and exporting the huge, lethal Wing Loong drone which carries two air-to-surface missiles.


The trade show was a symbolic event that served the interests of Japanese arms makers eager to sell weapons and technological components. At the time, it vied for media attention with the state secrets protection bill and other initiatives of the Abe regime. But never did Japanese public opinion support the idea of an arms fair. Many of the newly formed groups also respond to the struggle in Okinawa. Taken all together, these organizations constitute an activist, progressive student movement. Using music and YouTube they are creating conditions for broader joint struggles. As long as certain conditions are met, the Self Defense Forces can help the United States in minesweeping operations in the Middle East.

Since , Japanese air and naval patrols have operated from the Gulf of Aden against Somali pirates. A National Security Council has been established. Military and economic ties are being strengthened with countries in Southeast Asia that have territorial disputes with China, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In conformance with new Japan-U. He did so in the face of massive public opposition and a large drop in his support ratings.

Despite the gradual, multifaceted re-militarization that Japan is undergoing, most Japanese people are neither imbued with the spirit of destructive militarism, or of egoistic nationalism. They understand that their Constitution requires the Self Defense Forces not be dispatched abroad to fight wars; its military power must be kept to a minimum. These principles, growing out of the U. To bridge long-running differences between elite and popular opinion, the LDP is forced to conduct propaganda campaigns at many levels.

Marines and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. It will cost Japanese taxpayers unknown billions of dollars. The Pentagon thus gets a free ride training U. That China pushes back against these developments is understandable. The Abe cabinet ingratiates itself with the head of the American empire and his top officials because its members desired to make Japan a leading player in world affairs and, eventually, a great Asian hegemonic power.

The legal framework they are putting in place is not intended to someday revive prewar Japanese imperialism. Rather, the goal is to make Japan a more effective supporter of the global corporate order. Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment, which he served at Spandau Prison, Berlin, where he died in Many of Germany's captured new and experimental aircraft were displayed in an exhibition as part of London's Thanksgiving week on September 14, Among the aircraft are a number of jet and rocket propelled planes.

Here, a side view of the Heinkel He "Volksjaeger", propelled by a turbo-jet unit mounted above the fuselage, in Hyde park, in London. Sudeten Germans make their way to the railway station in Liberec, in former Czechoslovakia, to be transferred to Germany in this July, photo. After the end of the war, millions of German nationals and ethnic Germans were forcibly expelled from both territory Germany had annexed, and formerly German lands that were transferred to Poland and the Soviet Union.

Is the sun setting on Japan's economic slump? - Counting the Cost

The estimated numbers of Germans involved ranges from 12 to 14 million, with a further estimate of between , and 2 million dying during the expulsion. A survivor of the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, Jinpe Teravama retains scars after the healing of burns from the bomb explosion, in Hiroshima, in June of Disabled buses that have littered the streets of Tokyo are used to help relieve the acute housing shortage in the Japanese capital on October 2, Homeless Japanese who hauled the buses into a vacant lot are converting them into homes for their families.

An American G. This is an aerial view of the city of London around St. Paul's Cathedral showing bomb-damaged areas in April of General Charles de Gaulle center shaking hands with children, two months after the German capitulation in Lorient, France, in July of Between January 14 and February 17, , as many as high-explosive aerial bombs and more than 60, incendiary bombs were dropped on Lorient. The super transport ship, General W. Richardson, docked in New York, with veterans of the European war cheering on June 7, Many soldiers were veterans of the African campaign, Salerno, Anzio, Cassino and the winter warfare in Italy's mountains.

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This aerial file photo shows a portion of Levittown, New York, in shortly after the mass-produced suburb was completed on Long Island farmland in New York. This prototypical suburban community was the first of many mass-produced housing developments that went up for soldiers coming home from World War II. It also became a symbol of postwar suburbia in the U.

Rose Clare Leonard watches the screen, which reproduces a 5x7 image, as she tunes in at the first public post-war showing at a New York department store, on August 24, Although television was invented prior to World War II, the war prevented mass production. Soon after the war, sales and production picked up, and by , regular commercial network programming had begun. Army in a mountainside cave near Schonau am Konigssee, Germany, on May 25, The secret cave, the second found to date, also contained stolen priceless paintings from all over Europe. In Europe, some churches have been completely ruined, but others still stand amid utter devastation.

Munchengladbach Cathedral stands here in the rubble, though still in need of repairs, seen in Germany, on November 20, A rifle salute was fired in honor of the dead, the British flag was run up at the same moment as a flame-thrower set fire to the last hut. A German flag and portrait of Hitler went up in flames inside the hut in June of German mothers walk their children to school through the streets of Aachen, Germany, on June 6, , for registration at the first public school to be opened by the U.

On May 3, , the Allies began the trial of 28 Japanese civilian and military leaders for war crimes. Seven were hanged and others were sentenced to prison terms.

Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan
Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan Essays from the End of the World: Four Decades in Japan

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