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Elsewhere, entire island nations face the possibility of going underwater. Climate change is also making extreme weather more severe and, in some cases, more common. For example: warmer air and oceans are producing more extreme hurricanes, with record-breaking amounts of rain and wind.

Mega-storms like Hurricane Harvey have gone from occurring once every years, to once every 16 years.

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In drier areas, global warming is linked with longer, more extreme, and more frequent droughts, and a longer fire season. In the American West, fire season may last all year. In the future, the fires themselves will be larger, more destructive, more common, and more costly. The direct impacts of climate change are devastating by themselves, but they also worsen existing inequalities and conflicts. For example: hotter temperatures and droughts will make corn, wheat, and other staple crop supplies less stable, leading to price spikes and foot shortages.

The roughly million people currently living in extreme poverty will be most affected. As entire regions become less livable, people will leave.


By the end of the century, sea level rise alone could displace more than million people. These migrations, as well as conflicts over increasingly scarce resources, will exacerbate existing political and social tensions, and significantly increase the risk of conflict and war. Animals, insects, and plants—already threatened by habitat destruction and pollution—will fare even worse. The severity of climate impacts is directly linked to the amount of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases that are released into the atmosphere.

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The more carbon, the worse the impacts will be. Scientists have concluded that avoiding the worst impacts of climate change will require limiting global warming to 1. You can help.

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Extreme heat has become increasingly common. Re-invent the auto business model for MaaS. Build trusted partnerships with cities and regulators to deliver scalable mobility services that deliver a profitable, long-term revenue model for mobility. An in-depth 2-day conference program tackles the fundamental business model challenges faced by mobility service providers as they build and scale mobility businesses.

Join European leaders exploring new partnerships and business models across the fast evolving new mobility ecosystem. Registered in England and Wales no. Contact Us. Website Development by Fruitbowl Media Ltd. Your web browser is out of date! We recommend you update your browser to receive the best possible browsing experience.

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Build the Public Private Partnerships to Deliver MaaS Mobility as a Service is set to revolutionise the sustainability efficiency and convenience of transportation systems. Official City Partner: Networking Partners:. Uniting the Entire Mobility Ecosystem Mobility only success when stakeholders integrate.

Public Transport. Mobility Service Providers. Technology Providers. See the Speaker Line-up Here.

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