No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home

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Freelance photojournalist Ariana Drehsler, who covered the caravan for Buzzfeed News and United Press International, told NBC7 she was pulled into secondary screening three times and questioned at length about what she was seeing in the Tijuana shelters.

Reporters Without Borders condemn fake murder of Russian journalist

She was even asked if she rented or owned her home. The overwhelming inner suspicion that activists and journalists were being singled out was confirmed with the publication of the person list last week — a document apparently shared with Mexican authorities that includes photos, names and roles in relation to the caravan.

No borders : a journalist's search for home

Dossiers with expanded personal information were also created, the unnamed DHS official who leaked the documents told NBC7. Some journalists and attorneys, including a freelance photojournalist on the dossier, were denied entry at airports when trying to travel to Mexico. They were told an alert had been placed on their passports.

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Wilson, the border scholar, said Mexico has screened passengers arriving on non-domestic flights through U. What it looks like, to a certain extent, is the utilization of counter-terrorism and anti-drug law enforcement for this totally different end. Wilson wonders whether the denial of entry was the result of an automated national security alert system, or something more calculated.

Agents at the border have the right to search any person, as well as their belongings and electronics, without a warrant. Last year, the American Bar Association, concerned about potential violations of attorney-client privilege in such warrantless searches, worked out an agreement with CBP on how to appropriately handle such situations.

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  • It includes consulting with CBP senior counsel and separation of privileged material. Some advocates and journalists who said they were targeted either had their electronics confiscated from them or were asked to leave them behind on a table during questioning. Some said it was unclear if officers actually looked through the devices. While searches are allowed, 1st Amendment experts say the dossiers are a wholly different issue, especially if the journalists, advocates and attorneys are being targeted for their work.

    The federal Privacy Act was passed in , setting guidelines on what information the government can gather and maintain on U.

    'No Borders: A Journalist's Search For Home'

    It gave special protection to 1st Amendment activities. To meet that threshold, there needs to be specific and articulable facts that the person or group may be engaged in activity that poses a threat or is involved in a crime. One case disputing where that line is drawn is being waged in the 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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    In , the FBI created a memorandum on the political views, funding sources and journalism activities of Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo, editors of the website AntiWar. The list had already been published on other sites. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

    Customs and Border Patrol officer inspects a car at the San Ysidro border crossing, one of the busiest land border crossings in the world. Each day, there are tens of thousands of crossings here. The non-governmental organisation Reporters Without Borders confirmed that Turkey is one of the most restrictive countries in the world when it comes to press freedom.

    The dangerous conditions and increasing attacks on journalists are also alarming international media organisations. In the joint letter, they condemn the increased attacks on journalists and call on Turkish politicians to bring those responsible to justice. But the call has been ignored by the government alliance of the nationalist MHP and the Islamic-conservative AKP, says Erol Onderoglu, the Turkish representative of Reporters without Borders : "The attitude of the government and the authorities is irresponsible.

    After all, since the local elections on 31 March , violence against journalists has continued to spread. It seems to me that no-one is interested in an adequate response. In addition to physical violence, another existential problem affecting journalists in Turkey is unemployment.

    Like thousands of his colleagues, Uysal also has to contend with an economic downturn. When his newspaper was close to bankruptcy, he decided to only publish online. According to figures from the Turkish Statistics Institute TUIK , journalists were — after social workers — the second occupational group most affected by unemployment in In just one year, the number of unemployed journalists rose by 4.

    It is a sector that is dominated by mushrooming media cartels. The attempted coup in July was followed by the mass closure of media and press houses. Moreover, the situation has not been helped by the weakening of the Turkish trade unions. And the result? Plurality is falling by the wayside.

    Vucjak refugee camp in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina has existed since the summer. The conditions there are unacceptable: it is filthy, unhygienic, lacking in everything. And now the winter is approaching. From Uta Steinwehr.

    Borders Journalists Search Home by Jorge Ramos

    Skip to main content. Journalist Levent Uysal recently survived a treacherous assassination attempt. Despite the fact that members of the press are increasingly at risk in Turkey, the government seems loath to protect them. Deger Akal has the details. The Turkish public prosecutor's office has now appealed against his acquittal on 17 July Onderoglu is accused of having participated in a solidarity campaign for the now-closed pro-Kurdish daily "Ozgur Gundem".

    Top press rights defender in Turkey court for 'terror propaganda' Press freedom in Turkey: Writing in a state of fear Exiled journalist Can Dundar claims the West has 'abandoned' Turkey. Democracy and civil society , Free speech and censorship , Freedom of the press , Human rights , Media in Turkey. Related Content Greece and the asylum-seekers How do you solve a problem like Moria?

    The Greek government has vowed to do something about its overcrowded island migrant camps. Transfers and stricter asylum legislation were meant to provide the answer. But things Syria's constitutional committee Geneva is key to Assad's rehabilitation Finding a lasting political solution to the Syrian conflict is the challenge facing the constitutional committee that has been meeting in Geneva since the end of October, under UN Released from prison Turkish author Ahmet Altan and the power of words The Turkish writer and journalist Ahmet Altan was imprisoned for three years and four months.

    He had always been outspoken and he remained outspoken in prison, where he wrote a A safe haven in northern Syria?

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    Turkey's plan to 'resettle' Syrian refugees Turkey is seeking to create a "safe zone" for refugees in Syria, to which they should only return "voluntarily". But how realistic is the project and to what extent can Turkey's Turkish incursion into northern Syria You reap what you sow Many Turks, at home and abroad, feel misunderstood. The Syrian offensive is intended to ease matters and does not constitute ethnic cleansing, they claim.

    No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home
    No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home
    No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home
    No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home
    No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home No Borders: A Journalists Search for Home

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