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Special government agents called "Handicappers" enforce equal intelligence, physical and athletic looks, and lack of competition. Often selected as one of the best novels of the 20 th century, Clockwork Orange tells the tale of the dark dystopian nightmare future filled with violent gangs. It brilliantly tackles the aspects of good and evil, social pathology, meaning of human freedom and social reform. Burroughs is satire novel that describes the dystopian world in which police force tries to exterminate various forms of ever-growing crime. Book focuses greatly on the aspects of control, crime and addiction.

Dick that is set in the dark dystopian world in which most of the humanity lives in the underground shelters. Unaware that the World War II has been finished long time ago, people continue to live in a lie, surrounded with paranoia and political oppression. Make Room!

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It describes dystopian world that is overrun by the never-ending unchecked growth of society, lack of resources, human wasteland inefficient infrastructure. In this novel author postulated that 7 billion people are a start point of dystopian environment, a number that we know will be reached before the year Surrounded with over 7 billion people, people of this world must live alongside many consequences of overpopulation.

Author's main storyline revolves around interracial tensions, gang crimes, drugs, and violence. The story describes the dystopian world in which central computer called UniComp reigns over humanity. Regular injections have made entire population obedient and happy, never knowing of their unfulfilled potential and freedom. Le Guin is a science fiction dystopian novel that follows the life of a man who can make his dreams come true.

Helped by the psychologistDr. Haber, two of them start the impossible quest of creating the better society for entire humankind. Its storyline follows the adventures of Environmentalist Austin Train who wants to save the world from the poison that has affected the health and mortality rates of every living being on Earth. Set in the dystopian totalitarian version of future United States, this award-winning tale follows the life of popular pop singer who overnight loses his identity overnight.

It tells the story of a protagonist who uses his computer hacking skills to escape capturing from the forces of the all-knowing government. Set in a world that is ruled by information control, multi-billion corporations and spying governments, this novel paved the way for the incoming wave of cyberpunk revolution.

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After being provided with all their need, tenants of this building started reversing their social status to the point when they become violent mob hell-bent on destruction of the "enemy floors". This dark tale vividly explored the concepts of primal urges, laws of the jungle, mob psychology and life in the urban environment. Neil Schulman. It describes the possible future in which economic collapse destroyed the society of the United States, with the focus being set on the exploring the concepts of freedom, black-market and hope.

Set in the futuristic dystopian world full of violence, this gripping story tells the tale of the Ben Richards - contestant in the popular TV show in which contestants are released in the destroyed outskirts of the walled cities, where they must fight to the death for a chance to win the prize.

Celebrated as the starting point of Cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction, this revolutionary trilogy explored the concepts of artificial intelligences, the connection between humans and machines, information control, shared consciousness, life in the dystopian environments and cyberspace. It tells the story of futuristic totalitarian mono theocratic state built on the ashes of the former United States, where women are treated much worse than in any time of modern history.

Set in the post-apocalyptic dystopian world, it follows the young psionic female protagonist who is on the run from the ruling religious authority. Novels greatly explore the themes of prejudice, discrimination, tolerance, responsibility, duty and human and animal rights. They depict the history of the dystopian future filled with war. The main conflict revolves around Domination of the Draka's intention to conquer entire world a society that rose in Africa after the loss of Loyalists in the American Revolution.

Set in the Europe 20 years after the Germany's victory in World War 2, this dark imaging of empire of Third Reich tells the tale of the lone investigator who discovers a secret that could change the entire future of this dystopian society. It tells the tale of the near future England, where the sudden illness caused the creation of almost absolute infertility. In that environment, main protagonist Theo Faron embarks on a mission to transport the only pregnant woman from to the urban war zone areas of England to scientific facility that could provide cure and salvation to the humankind.

His tale, set in a seemingly utopian future society, describes the life of the protagonist Jonas, who becomes selected to be the only human to receive full range of human emotions and knowledge of past times. This hardboiled detective tale describes the adventures of wisecracking private the detective in the dystopian world filled with sentient evolved animals and society that is dependent on mind numbing drugs.

This dystopian tale follows the life of girl named Nell in a society that is ruled by nanotechnology.

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The author explored the themes of education, social class, ethnicity, and the nature of artificial intelligence. It follows the similar storyline as William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" by following the lives of the group of students, who under the guise of "study trip" became transported on an isolated island where they receive ultimatum -only one surviving member of the group can return to the civilization.

This controversial study of senseless youth violence and human nature quickly became of the biggest Japanese bestsellers of all time. These five novels depict the life of several protagonists that live in the racist dystopian society, with the focus, placed on the themes of racial prejudice, segregation, slavery and distrust. It descripts the live of the possibly last surviving human in the dystopian future that was devastated by a deadly virus. This young adult story focuses on the life of year-old girl Kayla Reed who opts out from receiving identity bar-code tattoo that regulates many aspects of life in her society.

This dystopian tale explores the concepts of identity, Individuality, control and freedom. It follows life of female protagonist called Kathy, who remembers her youth and times when she was growing up under the influence of dystopian society. Main the protagonist of this dystopian tale is young teenager Tally, who refuses to conform to the society rule that states that everyone must be turned pretty by the process of extreme cosmetic surgery.

The teenage heroKayla continues her fight against the government who enforces the use of mind-altering barcode tattoos on citizens. As with the first part, this book continues to explore the themes of identity and freedom. It tells the story of the mentally ill London taxi driver, whose diary book containing various frustrations toward women, family, and society become the foundation of the dystopian dogmatic, cruel, and misogynistic religion two centuries after the catastrophic flood that almost destroyed modern England. It tells the tale of the futuristic dystopian state located on the the territory of today's the United States, and its popular television program called "The Hunger Games " in which one boy and one girl fight to the death.

It describes the life of few human survivors in a barricaded village that is surrounded by the endless horde of zombies. The author explored the themes of violence, secrecy and repression. It depicts the life of oppressed citizens that live under the rule of oligarchical dictatorship. The author masterfully tackled the issues of censorship, freedom of speech, democracy, faith, religious freedom, dissent and debate. It tells the tale of young protagonist, who wakes up in the strange maze only remembering his name.

Surrounded with other children, he must find the way out from this dark dystopian environment. As a sequel to her novel "Oryx and Crake", it continues to tell the tale of human survivors in the world decimated by a deadly virus, with the introduction of new themes - xenotransplantation, genetic engineering and exploration of technologies influence on our lives. It describes the dystopian world in which persons social class is determined by his ability to perceive color. It continues the story of protagonist KatnissEverdeen and her struggle against the society ruled by the totalitarian dictator.

You can be put in prison for being sick. Crime on the other hand is an illness — you get treated for being a criminal. The Time Machine by H. Wells is a projection into the future based on class. The upper class have now become beautiful little butterfly people who flitter around and have parties and the working class live underground and have become quite ugly and cannibalistic and they run the whole thing with their machines, but they come up at night and kidnap the upper class and eat them.

One of the strangest ones is W. Do I know of any feminist utopias? She tries to make men and women not only equal but the same. This may not be your idea of how things should be arranged but she goes for the androgyny option, which is the same one as in A Crystal Age. Anyway, these women have arranged one class of women who produce all of the babies. Our visitor from the past finds herself suddenly in the body of one of these huge enormous mother people and her aim in life is to get back to her own society. So those are some possible feminist utopias.

In most utopias and dystopias a patriarchy, of some sort is envisaged — that is, some kind of men are usually in control at the very top, whether for better or for worse. What would a true feminist dystopia be?

Strictly speaking, it would have to be one arranged strictly on gender lines, where all men fare better than all women, and in which this arrangement of things is the driving force of the book. I recall from my days of reading trashy science fiction a particularly gripping story in which our heroes land on another planet which is populated by very beautiful women.

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And these women — very beautiful women — take our heroes and treat them very, very well, and feed them lots of wonderful meals. However, after they have become rather fat they find themselves put into a sort of sheep pen with some other men who are very, very thin. Why have you eaten all of this food? And our heroes are hunted down by these women who sink their fangs into their necks, paralyze them and lay eggs on them just like spiders… I said it was trashy science fiction. It is evident if they have too much of this enforced sex, it is going to kill them because they get more and more old and tired as the days go by.

It is obvious that they have to escape from this. The rest of the movie is about them escaping. The only real feminist dystopia in the strict sense that I know about is The Stepford Wives. In The Stepford Wives , the women are being removed one by one and replaced by mechanical replicas of themselves which behave in a kind of Barbie doll way — just as somebody thinks men think women ought to behave.

The horror part of it is that our heroine realizes this is happening.

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Here are the arguments for and against it being a feminist dystopia. Some of the men are very privileged, but quite a few of them are just the bottom class, and some are fighting the regime. So those are the arguments for and against — make up your own mind. Read The Stepford Wives to get an example of a strict version of such a form.

Keep in mind that I did not use any details in this book that have not already occurred somewhere in history. In other words, this is not science fiction.

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There are no Martians. There is no space travel. We have all the technology that we need to put this system in place, and if I were you I would watch the credit cards. Keep a little cash tucked away somewhere. The real test is, if you told this story from the point of view of a non-dominant class man in it, it would still be a dystopia. Like former Romania, it is not a society that exists for the sole motive, for the sole purpose of pestering women. Women are just one of the things that get pestered within it.

The aim of its leaders is power. In the future society babies are scarce.

Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)
Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)
Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)
Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)
Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)
Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction) Revolution In America: Noons Rise to Power (dystopian future fiction)

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