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Before we started playing our own songs, we used to play the songs of the most popular groups at the time: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, C.

Then Michele joined the group and we started playing HIS songs. I could play there with the drum kit of Banco 's drummer. I remember that there were all Ludwig drums on the stage, and I came with my cheap Hollywood and felt all the eyes on me!

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But the drummer of Banco came to me and said I could use his kit, I was excited! We had a 24 minute song to play there, at the sound check Michele made an astonishing solo, and all the technicians stopped their work to listen to him, you know he was only 15!

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But I remember noticing that some popular guitarists said to the sound engineers to turn the volume down Then the show began, and when our turn came we were very excited: we had just played in front of small audiences, and there were lots of people there! People sitting on the grass and you couldn't even see the lawn! We started playing, and I had behind me the best Italian drummers, and they were watching me.

It was incredible, my favourite drummers were listening at me!

About Semiramis Also Known as Sammu-Ramat

At the end some of them came to me congratulating, it was very satisfying because I was a self-taught drummer. Our song ended with a long guitar solo, it was common at the time, and Michele played it perfectly, but the engineers turned down the volume, it was due to the other guitarists' pressures I had noticed before! Michele was really angry for this, but they told us we had played too much. I was very sad then, but after a while Banco del Mutuo Soccorso started playing and it was a pleasure! He's still now a very popular drum teacher. I was the only one in the band who had a job, I remember that Michele was disappointed for my decision, we were all friends, two brothers and two cousins and we knew each other since children.

Anyway I was replaced by another friend of ours, Paolo Faenza, and he took with him Giampiero Artegiani, who's had like Michele a very successful career in the Italian music scene. I kept following them until they split. I don't know, when I left the band they were at their top, but I'm not sure of the reason why they split, maybe it was the record company who just wanted Michele, as HE was Semiramis! This is demonstrated by the fact that he had composed songs for popular artists since he was very young, and then he released his debut single Maledetta signora under the name of Andrea Zarrillo, the rest is history.

Before we can begin to deal with Semiramis though, we must as with any historical figure gain at least a general understanding of her cultural and temporal setting. Since I have found in my researches that neither proven scientific truth nor gleanings of fact from the body of ancient legends in any way contradicts a proper understanding of biblical revelation, I will use the scriptural framework of history as a basis upon which to reconstruct the story of Semiramis the woman.

When Noah and his family left the ark after the flood, they settled first at the northern feet of Ararat facing what is today Georgia, USSR. From here, these eight souls began to spread out into the surrounding districts of northern Iran and Syria, as well as eastern Turkey.

After a considerable period perhaps 5 to 6 hundred years , the families of Noah's descendants began to scatter a bit more widely due to increasing population, and perhaps some degree of rivalry or even enmity between the families of Japheth, Shem, and Ham. In this way we find that within about half a millennium the entire "fertile crescent", as well as the Nile valley, the Anatolian and Iranian plateaus, Arabia, and Ethiopia have been sparsely settledbut with a decided majority of Noah's descendants living in the lower regions of Mesopotamia which would come to be called Sumer and Akkad.

Modern archaeology has confirmed the fact that the first inhabitants of these areas were homogeneous in both race and culture, and the most reliable researches indicate that it was from here that population, animal husbandry, metallurgy, agriculture, and "citification" spread throughout the earth.

The scientific and scriptural views are in exact agreement upon the origin and spread of races and civilizationthe only point of difference is the time scale involved! Whereas the scriptures clearly indicate the existence of all these elements of civilization long before the flood; orthodox science, by it's denial of the bible is required to construct a mythical stone age several millennia long in order to account for the same phenomena.

It was in Mesopotamia that the first cities were built after the flood, and the first of these was quite naturally named after the very first city built by man before the floodEnoch. Due to vagaries of linguistic permutation, this name has come down to us as Erech or Uruk in Sumeria.

In all there were seven major cities built near the head of the Persian Gulf, leading to the name "Land of the Seven Cities" commonly found in the early mythologies of the world. These seven cities are enumerated in Genesis as those which were conquered by Nimrod, establishing the world's first empire.

Who Is Semiramis?

The earliest Babylonian legends tell of a conquering people who came up out of the Persian Gulf and established an empire from these cities. This seems to fit well with what we know of the movements of Nimrod in his early career. He was a native of Ethiopia and was widely traveled among the few populated areas of those days. When he set out to build himself an army of conquest, he recruited from his "cousins" the descendants of Sheba and Dedan who had come up through Arabia to settle on the Asian mainland at the Straight of Hormuz and on the Indus river in what is now Afghanistan these people were the Dravidians who were driven southward into India by the later Aryan invasion.

After raising his army, Nimrod ferried them up the gulf in the world's first naval armada, and conquered his empire. The best estimates place the time of the conquest as about to BC, and about years after the flood of Noah. Semiramis was a native of Erech, which as evidenced by it's name seems to have been built by a Hamitic family Ham's wife was said to have been descended from Cain who built the first Erech in honor of his son. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. Nov 18, There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today.

We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing.

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